The FMS Tech- TPMS remotely monitors tire pressure and temperature on your vehicle to minimize risk. The system uses cloud-based tech and sensors to provide actionable data.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Benefits

Improves Road
Safety KPI

Reduces Lost
Time Incidents

Road Accidents

Improves Fleet

Reduces Cost
of Transport

Improves Job

TPMS Module In Smart Mobility

TPMS module in the Smart Mobility enterprise provides intuitive data and allows managers to set thresholds and customized alerts. Reports provided by the system can be used to analyze tire performance and health for preventative maintenance.

TPMS Module Features

Full history for tires mounting date, guarantee, manufacturer, estimated replacement date.

Allow generating real-time tires status graph upon fleet manager’s request.

Generates real-time visual and sound alert on the tracking workspace of the portal whenever abnormal status is detected

Sends email and/or SMS notification whenever abnormal status is detected

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