TTI Group has been providing services to the Oil & Gas industry for years due to this market’s strict health and safety requirements and the dangerous nature of the jobs within the industry.

Transport & Distribution

Shipping goods from the point from one place to another place involves many factors. TTI Tracker IVMS solutions are designed to make the logistics piece of the supply chain as efficient and safe as possible. Providing visibility to fleet operations, oversight to drivers, long-term tracking of KPIs, and adhering to strict safety policies can all be accomplished with the TTI Tracker Solutions.

Security & Customs

Security devices in vehicles are needed for many reasons – from transporting precious goods to keeping drivers and passengers safe in high-risk areas. TTI Tracker continues to provide advanced solutions to ensure secure operations in regions across the globe.


In every part of the world, school buses utilized to establish a safe and secure journey for each child to and from school. The technology from TTI Tracker is being used to ensure that the bus ride for every child on board the school bus is safe.

Public Bus Transport

Cities today are full of buses and other forms of public transport for inter-city & intra-city services. These methods of mass transport help improve a community, but are required to be follow a safe and responsible way of implementation.

Taxi & Limo Services

Taxi and limo services have an obligation to report trips, charges, and other related details, as well as keeping customers safe. Which means transporting customers to and from locations. TTI Tracker provides a wide range of services to help efficiently manage taxi and limo services as well as providing the security of a safe ride to passengers.

Car Rental

Car rental services need to adhere to strict controls to ensure vehicles are handled with care and according to the rental office’s policies. FMS-Tech’s solutions can help provide rental companies with the tools to keep vehicles in allowed operating area, investigate incident causes, and ensure the safe return of their vehicles.


The construction industry is a key industry that uses technology to improve fleet and equipment efficiencies. To help in this process, the TTI Tracker solutions can be implemented to ensure both on-road and off-road equipment are accounted for and being utilized at the highest productivity possible.


For supporting officials such as police, government workers, and also emergency response team, municipalities have an extensive range of fleet management needs. Each of these set of officials has its individual set of exceptional necessities for safety and effectiveness that can be solved with the TTI Tracker solutions.

Waste Management

Waste management is a unique industry that TTI Tracker is proud to serve. Due to the repetitive nature of the waste management vehicles, TTI Tracker is able to implement solutions that will make their routes more efficient and time effective.

Car Insurance

In contemplation of support officials such as police, government workers, and also emergency response team, municipalities have an extensive range of fleet management needs.

What are the Recommended Telematics (IVMS) Solutions

Driver Merit System
Digital Tachograph
Seatbelt Monitoring
Lateral Skidding
RFID Card & Reader
FuelLevel Indicator
2-Way Communication
Fingerprint Scanner
Geofencing Technology
Tire Preasure Monitoring
Driver Fatigue Detection
360 Cameras
Shockproof IVMS Device
Waterproof IVMS Device
Tire Preasure Monitoring